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Featured on LinkedIn: Building Your Professional Brand

Let's talk about the importance of #professionalbrand. ⬇️

A quick background about me: I worked at a marketing agency for 3️⃣ years. And during my time there, I did marketing for alllll kinds of businesses -- from technology, to accounting, to manufacturing, to autobody, to consumer goods, to real estate, and so on.

My job, in particular, was focused on #brandengagement and #brandstrategy. 📊

In general, it's a tough job to come in as a third party and successfully (and quickly) understand and convey a brand's message for the intended audience. But, that's the name of the game as an #agency. That's what businesses pay us for.

For the sake of trying not to get too far into the weeds, I want to point out a recurring theme that often made it hard to be truly effective...

#CEOs and #seniorprofessionals at businesses (big and small) are afraid to use their platform(s) to communicate messaging that SO many consumers are dying to hear.

I'm talking about the stuff that makes us human. The conversations. The #realtalk. The wisdom. The insight. And more importantly, the vulnerability that comes with...

✦ talking about what you do in front of a #camera
✦ educating users on a trending topic through a #podcast
✦ writing 10 lines of useful #copy that really sticks with a consumer
✦ or drawing a funny #comic and using #storytelling to your advantage

Why is this important?

Because people don't give a sh*t about what you have to sell.

➡️ People like buying from humans they are inspired by. ⬅️

#GoogleAds and #SEO can certainly work. But, you know what works even more? Word of mouth marketing, which comes from #reputation.

My challenge for you is to stop selling 🛑 and start inspiring 🟢.

Get vulnerable with your audience. Give them what they want to hear. Others are doing it, so why can't you? ▶️

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