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Through powerful, compelling messaging, we strive to drive change, leave lasting legacies, inspire future generations, and foster opportunities for success. We're fast, we're fueled by data, and we're always looking for creative ways to outdo the competition.

Hapacity Marketing:

So, how’d we come up

with our name?

Our unique brand name, Hapacity, is derived from the combination of two words: "hap," which stands for fortune, luck, and chance, and "capacity," representing potential, ability, and skill.

Together, these concepts form the essence of Hapacity Marketing: a company committed to helping business owners and leaders achieve extraordinary success.

Successful marketing:

It’s what gets us up in the morning


Founded by Holly Reardon in 2021, Hapacity Marketing was born from a profound desire to transform the marketing industry. From the start, Holly believed in more than just checking off tasks from a client to-do list. She knew focusing solely on execution led to a disconnect with clients and, ultimately, subpar results. 

Through Hapacity, Holly shifts the paradigm by thinking strategically, telling meaningful stories, and addressing audience pain points. Today, Hapacity Marketing is a full-service marketing company that strives not only to understand a business leader’s key drivers and differentiators; it also turns their dreams into tangible results — one compelling story at a time.

Hap + Capacity = Hapacity

Our mission

We’re passionate about crafting enjoyable, bold, results-driven marketing. We especially love collaborating with motivated individuals and businesses who share our passion. Through powerful messaging and innovative marketing, we help clients make a greater impact, both professionally and in the world.

Our values

Hapacity Marketing's core values inform every decision we make, from our approach to a client's marketing to our day-to-day operations. They include:

Prompt communication

We believe in timely and efficient communication.


We aim to be a partner you can always count on.

Staying on top of new trends

We continually adapt to the evolving marketplace.

Storytelling in content

We know the power of a well-told story.

Proactive planning

We over-prepare, anticipating needs to ensure swift and effective action.

Transparency in results

We're committed to being open about our outcomes.


We keep our overarching mission at the heart of what we do.

Forever learners

We're constantly seeking knowledge to serve you better.


Sarah Roland

Marketing Generalist & Storyteller,

with more than a decade of experience.

"What brings me joy is amplifying voices that deserve to be heard. It makes my heart happy to support individuals with big dreams and aspirations, utilizing my skills in storytelling, management, and creativity to turn those dreams into reality."

We love what we do:

Meet our team

of marketing experts

The real magic starts when passion meets profession. For us, when work is engaging and enriching, it fuels exceptional work for our clients. The Hapacity team loves creating, brainstorming, strategizing, and refining ideas. As an eclectic blend of people, we provide a wealth of unique experiences and niche expertise to put you on the path to success. Meet the team:

Ashley Frame


“I am so grateful for my time working with Holly! She took me under her wing and taught me so many useful skills that helped me advance in my career. She provided guidance, mentorship, and friendship."

Briana Botsford

Video Editor

“It has been a pleasure to work for Hapacity Marketing and engage with Holly. I enjoy the projects assigned and feel like we have a good open communication of what clients want and need."

Claire Aiello

Social Media Strategist

"Being on her team is like being a part of a dynamic brainstorming session, where creativity knows no bounds and your ideas and aspirations are always supported. Holly simply goes above and beyond to ensure that goals are not just met, but exceeded."

Rachel Hanson

Graphic Designer

“Holly is the most positive and upbeat person that is a pleasure to work with! Any projects and tasks she presents are organized, transparent, and she includes any information you need to get it done.”

Who we work with:

The ideal Hapacity Marketing partner

At Hapacity Marketing, we believe in the magic that happens when like-minded partners collaborate. Our most successful and enjoyable collaborations have been with clients who:

Have built a strong business foundation:

If you've already laid the groundwork and have a clear purpose driving your business, we can't wait to come alongside and help you soar even higher.

Believe in the value of strategic marketing:

 The best collaborative experiences are when partners agree that marketing is not just a nice-to-have but a game-changer.

Have a passion for what they do:

At Hapacity, our passion drives us, and we thrive when our partners share the same enthusiasm. Enlighten us about your work and industry so we can serve you even better.

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