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Featured on LinkedIn: Don’t DIY Marketing If You Don’t Have To.

I don't hide from the fact that anyone could do marketing.

Anyone could post on social media.
Anyone could write a blog post or a landing page.
Anyone could film a video on their iPhone.

Everybody knows this. 👆 What I or any other marketer does is not rocket science.

And oftentimes, entrepreneurs DIY the marketing role for a bit as they're building their businesses from the ground up— which makes total sense.

However, once they get to a place where they can (and probably should) outsource those marketing tasks, they don't.

Why? Again, because anyone could do it.

But, I'd contend that it's less about being ABLE to do it and more about these three questions...

1) Do I actually have time to tackle this consistently?
2) Am I the best person for the job?
3) And where would my time be better spent in my business?

From personal experience, my business exploded when I started outsourcing tasks to specialists.

I was way less burnt out and more energized, allowing myself to shift focus on the crucial tasks that come with being a business owner. And my specialists kicked ass in the other areas.

As a result, I had increased efficiency and significantly more revenue.

The same thing can happen if you outsource those marketing tasks you keep de-prioritizing. Luckily, we specialize in that at Hapacity Marketing. ❤️😉

So, yeah... You could do it yourself. But, if you don't have to, why would you?


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