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Featured on LinkedIn: Screw Imposter Syndrome. Believe in Your Success.

What's holding you back from doing what you REALLY want to do? ⬇️

✦ Is it just not the right time?
✦ Is it finances?
✦ Is it the lack of know-how?
✦ ... Or something else?

We all have a 'thing' in mind, right?

But no matter what that thing is, we have yet to do it for some reason. And that reason is FEAR. 😱

We can also call it #ImposterSyndrome, which is something I'm sure we all deal with in some shape or form.

➡️ "Am I really qualified to do that thing?"
➡️ "Will I look like a fraud? "
➡️ "What if I don't succeed at first? Then, what?"
➡️ "Will I get judged?"

WE are all our biggest blockers in life. We're telling ourselves 'no' before we even begin. ✋

By not harnessing positive energy from the start, we're already setting ourselves up for failure. How do we expect to ever succeed?

On that note, let's start today off with a BANG! 🎇

I'll go first.

I'm going to kick @$$ because I'm more than qualified. Who cares if I don't succeed the first time? I'll try again and again until I do. As long as I remain happy and I inspire those around me, nothing else matters. 💗

⬇️ Your turn ⬇️

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