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Featured on LinkedIn: Ways to innovate in business

Let's be real— change is not comfy. Actually, it's very 𝙪𝙣comfortable.

It's like when I was pondering the idea of starting my business... I wanted to throw up. It sounded overwhelming and risky and sickening. 🤢

But ultimately, it was the right move!

I attribute it all to 1) my risk tolerance, 2) my incredible connections, and 3) my desire for innovation.

Now, I won't bore you with cliches. But, I will say that what I do in marketing is closely tied to innovation.

It's nearly impossible to keep up with the ever-changing trends. And the brands that do it well (or even lead the way) are going to continue to thrive. 🔥

While the others, they'll continue to survive each year. However, they'll always be too late to make a real impact.

And it's almost cringey for the audience. Think back to the viral meme 'Little Miss and Little Mister.' Sooo overdone! 😬

So, here's how to *attempt* to innovate in an incredibly innovative industry. (That's a mouthful!)

1). Keep up with pop culture: what's going on in the news, entertainment, etc.?

2). Continuously poll your audience: what do they care about?

3). Analyze your marketing performance often: More than monthly, comparing YoY!

4). Connect with industry leaders who are doing it well: what ideas can you glean from them?

5). Be clear on the risk vs. reward: is it worth it?

BONUS: Clarify what level of innovation you're trying to achieve. Is it new-to-world, new-to-industry, or new-to-organization?

You've got this! ❤️


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