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Featured on LinkedIn: Email Marketing vs. Film Storyboards

I recently heard this quote and it stuck with me: "Think of your marketing emails as storyboards."

I was a film student. šŸŽ„ So, you can see why this resonated.

And it makes sense! The similarities between storyboarding and email marketing are uncanny.

They both involve visual and narrative structure to convey a message to an audience. šŸ“ Both require a clear beginning, middle, and end to guide the viewer or reader through the content.

Additionally, both marketing emails and storyboards typically include a call to action, whether it's encouraging the viewer to take a specific action or purchase a product. šŸ›

And in both cases, whether it's through the use of imagery and storytelling in a film or through the use of compelling language and design in an email, the goal is to capture the audience's attention and keep them engaged.

This new way of thinking has changed how I create marketing emails... In a good way. Instead of broadcasting updates, I'm telling stories. āœØ

Because after all, the best marketers invite their audience to a very specific story. (source: Donald Miller)

Did this resonate with you as it did with me? šŸ¤”


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