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Featured on LinkedIn: Creating demand for yourself

From personal experience, cold outreach hasn't worked well in lead generation for my business. It feels awkward and impersonal.

But, what HAS worked super well is when leads come to me first, whether they discover me from current/past clients or through social media.

Mindblowing stuff, right? 🤪

Not really, but it's true. Plus, those leads are typically the most qualified. They understand who I am and what they can expect in our working relationship. Fewer possibilities for miscommunication or 'surprises.'

However, so many salespeople focus on a numbers game of "how many people can I reach out to today?". And in their very first message via email or DM, they're already asking for a phone call with the recipient. 😅

It might work *occasionally*, but it's mostly a waste of time.

For greater traction, salespeople should create demand for themselves. That means asking themselves this question instead: "who can I inspire today?"

That's where content marketing can play a BIG part. 🙌

Put yourself in your ideal audience's shoes. 👟 What do they care about? What stories can you share to spark inspiration and curiosity?

Focus on giving favors instead of asking for them. Deliver real value. That's what will resonate.

And then when it comes time to sell, do it and do it WELL! 💪 Because marketing creates opportunities for sales, but we can't close deals; you can.


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