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Featured on LinkedIn: Conversion Rates

Here's some easy math on a Friday... šŸ‘‡

Let's say, you just created an online course that will cost students $100 to sign up.

You're getting ready to promote it, but you want to know what it'll take to reach your goal of $150,000. šŸ¤‘

With that goal, we know we need 1,500 conversions because that's the result of $150,000 (goal) divided by $100 (course cost).

But, we're not done! Now, we need to figure out how many website visitors šŸŒ we need to get to reach 1,500 conversions.

We'll go with a conversion rate of 5%. (A good conversion rate is between 2 percent and 5 percent!)

So, we'll take 1,500 (conversions) and divide it by 5% (conversion rate), which equals 30,000 (website visitors).

That's great! But, let's take it a step further.

How do you determine the number of people who need to become aware of your course? šŸ‘€

Well, take those 30,000 website visitors and divide it by the 5% conversion rate again.

That equals 600,000 people who need to see your marketing šŸ“±ā€” using email, paid ads, social media, etc.

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