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Featured on LinkedIn: Content marketing strategy and distribution strategy

Content marketing is the process of planning content around business objectives.

We often think of content as words on a page, videos, and imagery, and the core channels for doing so are owned media, earned media, and paid media.

Owned media consists of...
- Website
- Social channels
- Blog
- Email newsletter

Earned media consists of...
- Mentions
- Shares
- Forums
- Reviews
- Guest Posts

Paid media consists of...
- Social ads
- Influencers
- Retargeting

It's helpful to have a balanced distribution strategy. Don't invest 90% of your business in just one area, such as paid media. Invest in all three!

But, at the same time, you don't have to be on every channel. Find the channels that are most advantageous for your business. Be intentional; time is money.

And lastly, never underestimate the power of one piece of content and how far it can go across several channels. One video can be turned into a social media ad, a guest blog post, and an email newsletter.

Simple as that! ❤️


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