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Why is video so important for marketing in 2024?

Hey there! Today, we’re sharing 9 ways video can help you elevate your marketing strategy in 2024. In this blog post, we will touch on these topics:

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Attention spans
  • SEO
  • Social sharing
  • Accessibility
  • Storytelling
  • Product explanations
  • ROI

Let’s get into it! How does video improve a brand’s marketing?

It boosts conversions.

In marketing, conversion refers to the process of converting a recipient of marketing messages into someone who performs a desired action. Getting them to buy something is the ultimate conversion, but there are steps leading up to a purchase that are small wins. 

Getting someone to open an email, click a call-to-action (CTA) link, or fill out an online form are all examples of conversions. Video marketing drives more traffic to a website, which is closely linked to higher conversion rates. 

It boosts engagement.

According to InVideo, video content is 12 times more successful than other types of content, and it generates higher engagement rates than both text and image content combined. That’s one heck of a boost! Video marketing boosts engagement like the guy boosts the girl in these scenes from Castle. Sometimes it’s a struggle—and may even be a flop at first—but in the end, it always works. 

It captivates and holds the audience’s attention.

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. I mean, does anyone read books anymore? Research suggests that short videos (30 seconds or less) can significantly impact audience engagement and conversions. How? Video helps grab someone’s attention and maintain it if the viewer knows it requires only a short time commitment. 

It improves SEO.

Did you know search engines like Google tend to favor videos in their search results? It’s true! This can help increase brand visibility and drive traffic to your website. Videos can also add to the amount of time visitors spend on a page, which can improve a website's search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

It encourages social sharing.

How many times have you shared an Instagram or Facebook reel with a friend? How many times have you shared a TikTok video to your story? Videos can encourage social sharing, which contributes to referral traffic. 

Referral traffic has some of the highest conversion rates. I don’t know about you, but I am way more likely to open a video my friend sends me rather than scrolling to find random content on my For You Page or News Feed. Your brand could offer the personal touch of video content to give users the chance to share it with their friends. 

Authentic content that is funny, relatable, heartfelt, or educational has immense potential to reach more people. In 2024, it’s more common than ever for a video to go viral, even without the creator intending or expecting it to. And if it doesn’t go viral, there’s still a good chance you can get a lot of likes, views, and comments if you work with the algorithm to post trendy content at just the right time. 

It provides accessibility.

Providing accessibility helps boost your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness because it shows you care about how your audience receives information. Multimedia marketing gives your audience a variety of mediums through which to take in information. By adding video to the mix and giving people an alternative option to reading text, you could reach a broader audience. Also, it’s more ADA-accessible! 

According to LinkedIn, 60% of people would rather watch a video than read text, and that percentage is even higher for people with ADHD, dyslexia, and learning disorders. People love a brand that is aware and accommodating of individual differences. 

It evokes emotion and memory via storytelling.

Building a connection with your audience is crucial. Videos tell stories, which help evoke emotion and resonance in an audience. People also tend to remember video content better, which helps with brand recall. Video content provides transparency, especially if it features behind-the-scenes footage, which helps viewers feel like they are part of what’s going on. 

Think about it: we don’t live our lives in text or still shots. We live our lives in motion, making sound, and occupying three-dimensional spaces. During the height of COVID-19, there was a commercial that came on pretty frequently. It showed people in Europe who, every evening at a certain time, walked out to their balconies among others in neighboring apartment complexes and clapped for healthcare workers. I often think of that commercial. There was another feel-good advertisement for Apple with the message that “creativity goes on.” It showed clips of people in their homes finding creative ways to stay connected. Four years later, I still remember how these videos made me feel. They brought me to tears every time.

It helps you explain your product.

Video marketing offers companies a chance to explain their products. Whether it’s a new technology or something that requires in-depth knowledge about how to use it, video can be an extremely effective way to instill a sense of confidence in buyers that they will know how to install, assemble, use, clean, or charge the product. 

For example, many people feel more confident going to the gym if there’s a QR code you can scan that pulls up a video on how to use the equipment. Planet Fitness has this feature as part of their “no-gymtimidation” policy. Someone might feel just a little more inclined to buy a membership if they know there is a video tutorial on how to use each machine. 

It offers a good return on investment.

In 2023, 92% of marketers reported an increased return on investment due to video content. Video marketing can provide trackable metrics (such as views, watch duration, and completion rate) that can be used for ROI analysis. ROI is the benefit of the investment divided by its cost. 

For example, if a video marketing campaign generates $12,000 in sales and costs $5,000 to produce and promote, the ROI would be 140%. Testimonial videos, for instance, have a good ROI because they establish social proof, highlight customer satisfaction, and help your brand differentiate itself from competitors. 


If I haven’t already convinced you, I’ll say it again! Video marketing is an incredibly important tool in this day and age. If you want to elevate your marketing game by adding video, we’ve got you covered. Hapacity offers video marketing as a service so you and your brand can generate more business. We provide high quality video work as well as a strategy for making the content relevant to your brand and target audience. Leave the marketing to us so you can focus on what you do best: running your business!

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