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Top marketing trends to watch out for in 2024

Hey you! We’ve combined trend research from previous years with what’s currently trending to give you a comprehensive view of how to market your business in 2024. You can thank us later 💅🏼 In the meantime, here are the top picks:

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s be real. Nothing is better than when you open Instagram, and the algorithm knows exactly what content you want to see. Sometimes it’s off, but it can be (creepily) accurate. Combining AI with marketing is like Zendaya and Tom Holland: unstoppable. 

In 2024, AI-powered marketing tools like ChatGPT and predictive analytics are becoming even more widespread. Although these can provide instant solutions, businesses are encouraged not to rely solely on AI. It’s all about using technology without losing the human touch. The key lies in asking, “How can we collaborate?”

Augmented Reality

AR technology has the potential to be a standard tool for marketers. A shoe company, for example, may offer virtual try-on experiences for potential customers. This allows them to interact with the product before making a decision, which increases a sense of confidence in the buyer.

Virtual Reality

The virtual world is more present than ever, thanks to Covid. I’m not just talking about Zoom meetings where you wear a blazer while still in your pajama pants. I’m also referring to VR, which provides an immersive experience where customers can interact with the product. 

Think of a high schooler playing Beat Saber with his VR headset on. It’s hard for him to imagine any other reality when he’s in that zone. VR is one way to elevate your marketing game. 


Imagine a guy in his 30’s—let’s say his name is Josh—who travels often for work. Josh’s company lets him choose what hotel he’d like to stay in. He consented to the website using his data, and they explicitly disclosed how they would do so. As he browses for his next trip, the website’s AI engine analyzes his past transactions. The system recognizes a trend among all of the hotels he’s booked: each of them has a pool. I mean, can you blame him? On the company credit card, it’s hard to resist. 

The system then recommends certain hotels to him based on the availability of this amenity. Josh’s customer experience is based on the data has stored. Everything is curated to feature hotels with pools. This is just one example of how your website could utilize marketing trends such as personalization.


When we think of influencers, we often think of TikTok. Even if it gets banned in the U.S., the ban will not go into effect until January of 2025 at the earliest. We have at least six more months to use the platform to our advantage. Authentic influencers who can engage with a specific audience are in high demand on TikTok, and they make a good portion of their money through brand deals. This means there are tons of content creators (or brand managers on their behalf) looking for more income via paid partnerships. Yep, you heard me right. It’s not as much about getting more followers as it is about increasing engagement. 

If you’re a Pride merch company, and you do a brand deal with Hailee and Kendra, it’s more about getting likes and comments (and clicks on your product) than it is about increasing your number of followers. Users will then associate their favorite couple with an adorable t-shirt your company sells. Increasing brand visibility through well-known influencers will drive sales, possibly even more than a large following will. 

Video Marketing

The acronym TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) has taken the internet by storm. No one wants to read a bunch of text. Short-form videos and live streams are engaging ways to communicate with your audience. CapCut videos often go viral on TikTok since they are owned by the same company, so CapCut shorts are examples of how to utilize video marketing. 

Voice Search Optimization

Alexa, Siri, and Google are all popular voice commands. Optimizing content that is easily recognized by a voice search is essential in this day and age. Forget driving and not being able to play Billie Eilish’s new album because “Hey Siri” doesn’t recognize the song title. Marketers may use VSO to ensure visibility and relevance. 

User Generated Content

UGC is an incredibly effective marketing strategy. Brands can encourage UGC by launching contests with specific aspects to them. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised money for ALS? Great example. By involving the audience in content creation, you are creating a relationship with them. 

Social Commerce

Social media platforms are becoming their own ecommerce ecosystem. Social commerce is different from traditional online shopping, as it allows customers to complete the purchase while still on the app (Instagram, Facebook, et cetera) instead of leading the user to separate websites or apps. 

Sustainability and Purpose-Driven Marketing

Who doesn’t want global warming to be addressed? Well, there are people who think the earth is flat, so I’m sure there are people who don’t think global warming is real. But most people care about sustainability. Purpose-driven marketing is putting a core value, such as sustainability, at the forefront. Buying laundry sheets, for example, is a more “green” option than buying a large jug of laundry detergent and contributing to plastic waste. Finding out what people value is crucial to marketing your product or service effectively.


How often is your credit card charged for a subscription you forgot to cancel? We’ve all been there— no judgment. Companies have learned to take advantage of this, and they might be onto something. It builds recurring revenue streams and fosters long-term customer relationships, especially when you offer a free trial for that subscription. People love trying something risk-free, and if you get lucky, they forget to cancel (or genuinely enjoy your product and remain subscribed). 


Whew! That was a lot of info. If you made it this far, I’m proud of you. You deserve a self-care day and some rest—give your brain a break! 🫶🏼 And when you come back, let us know if we can help you market your business by implementing these trends. 💓

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