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Featured on LinkedIn: Start that business!

On July 1, 2021, I set a goal to start my marketing business in one year.

I was so serious about it that I even made a calendar invite for myself on that day the following year.

Ironically enough, I bought my LLC only 5 days later and then officially launched Hapacity Marketing 2 months later.

Because when I set a big goal like that, it's all I could think about.

Fast forward to this year's July 1st, I've been in business for 10+ months. And while it hasn't been easy, I couldn't love it more.

So, when I got the calendar notification on my phone, I had a BIG smile on my face. (I was actually in my home state of Maine at the time, preparing for my wedding rehearsal. The next day was my wedding to the love of my life.)

I have so much gratitude and respect for the woman I was just a year ago. It's a scary but brave decision to bet on myself like that— to quit my reliable corporate job and start something completely new from the ground up.

But, it was worth it. And I had no idea that it would be at the time, but I believed in myself so much that I did it anyway!

And sometimes I wonder if I would've had the courage now to do what I did then...

Moral of the story: Make that calendar invite and take that chance. Don't wait until you have reasons not to do the thing you really want to do. ❤️


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