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Featured on LinkedIn: Responding to positive and negative Google reviews

Are you responding to both positive AND negative online reviews? 👀

These reviews can live on your Facebook page, Google My Business listing, Yelp profile, and more. And they should not be neglected, as it can be a bad look for your business.

For most people, responding to positive reviews is easy. Thank the customer for their awesome testimonial, invite them to engage with you again, and add a personal touch (if possible).

On the other hand, responding to negative reviews can feel like a bigger feat. So, here are a few tips on how to do this effectively (without reopening the wound):

1. Thank the customer for letting you know about their poor experience.
2. Apologize and sympathize with them to establish trust.
3. Take responsibility and offer reassurance that the experience will change.
4. Communicate any changes or improvements you have made or will make.
5. Offer to take the conversation offline, whether it's on the phone, email, in-person, etc.

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