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Featured on LinkedIn: Project management tips for marketers

Below is a short list of project management tips for #marketers. What tips would you add? 🤔

I've worked with various marketing teams in my years, and I've learned a lot about #projectmanagement— from being the project manager myself as well as the doer.

The point of project management is to save time and make money, and that requires a whole lot of organization and communication.

The worst project management happens when most team members don't have a clear understanding of these two things:

1) what's expected of them, and
2) why they're doing what they're doing.

And on the flip side, the best project management happens when marketing strategists, project managers, and doers are all equally on the same page regarding what the end deliverables need to look like and how they will make a positive impact.

Additionally, it's the responsibility of the marketers in-charge to communicate those messages to leadership and/or clients. They may not be in the weeds like the doers are, but they MUST be in the know and in agreement about goals.

This helps to avoid last-minute fires from leadership/clients, where doers are thinking to themselves, "Wow, they just *don't* get what we're doing, do they?" Ooof... Been there, done that!

So, go on— be the best project manager you can be! Your team and clients will thank you again and again. ❤️


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