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Featured on LinkedIn: Practice What You Preach

I'm sure you've heard this old adage a million times, "Practice what you preach."

Unsurprisingly, this saying doesn't just ring true in life but also in #business.

A great example of this is with #branding.

It's important to portray your brand in the best light ☀️ because people typically buy from companies they like.

But, it's also important that the mission statement and core values on your company's About page aren't just for marketing purposes; they are the foundation of your company culture and beliefs. 👏

Is it true that your workplace is "collaborative?" Do your team members and customers feel heard and valued when making decisions or changes?

Are you really as "innovative" as you say you are? Are you setting a precedent for continued learning? Are employees encouraged to try new things and experiment for the greater good?

Do you actually care about "inclusivity and diversity?" Do you actively try to seek out qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds and/or experiences?

✨ What you market externally should be a true reflection of your internal company culture. ✨

If it's not, that's probably something you want to work on. Because it's not just something #customers care about, it's something you should, too.

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