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Featured on LinkedIn: My hardest working employee was slacking off

I have an embarrassing confession...

I’m Owner of a #marketing company, and my hardest working employee was slacking off for ONE WHOLE MONTH. 😫😤😭

Who's that employee, you might ask?

Oh, just my website 🌐 — the one I DIYed about a year ago without a web developer/designer background. 😂

Here's what happened... 👇

The main contact form on my site was broken for an entire month. I could see that the events were triggered, but I couldn't view the actual submissions— they didn't exist. 🤬

While the form is fixed today, it's STILL driving me *crazy*.

Two reasons why...

1) The most obvious reason— I missed out on potentially awesome leads, and in reality, it's my fault for letting it slip beneath the cracks for an entire month. 💀

2) I'm an avid Inbox Zero, quick responder type of person, and I always have been. It saddens me to think that these people may feel like I ignored them. 😟

There isn't a happy ending to this post. But, I'll offer you some advice:

Be proactive rather than reactive! In other words, invest in the long-term solution over the short-term fix. ✅

Early on, I could've invested in quality help for my website so I'd have better protection for when things like this happen.

But, I didn't. And now, my website requires frequent and manual time, love, and attention. LOL 😅

It would have been easier and better to create something technically sound from the jump! #LessonLearned 😂


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