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Featured on LinkedIn: Marketing siloing

Hey, business owners! Stop settling for the silo effect. ❌

Straight up— if the team members in your company aren’t all on the same page, they aren’t going to be as effective.

That doesn't mean that each department of your company needs to be good at the exact same things. Imagine the accountants doing your marketing, and vice versa! LOL. 😬

Being on the same page means that...

✨ there's a shared big goal company-wide and
✨ team members are encouraged to share learnings and other information with different depts. in the same company.

It's no different when it comes to marketing siloing.

Many of you have a 'guy' for each area of your marketing.

But, remember: The SEO people only think about SEO, writers about content, designers about design, PPC specialists about ads…you get the idea.

When you hire one marketing company to tackle various areas of your marketing, you're more likely to experience an omnichannel approach, meaning...

✅ team members are working towards the same goals,
✅ there's consistent messaging across the board,
✅ it's collaborative and interactive— between the team and back to you, and
✅ fewer meetings where you're overexplaining your brand to an audience that doesn't really 'get it.'

Not to mention, it's usually more cost-effective to work with one company instead of several.

The new year is coming, so it's time to level up! And I know of a good marketing company to do so... 😉


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