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Featured on LinkedIn: Marketing is Customer Service

Marketing is #customerservice. Anyone who thinks differently is doing it wrong. ❌

Here's why... ⬇️

Frequently, I see brands that publish social media posts that encourage users to leave comments, such as a clothing brand captioning, "Which jacket color is your favorite?"

But then, these brands don't respond back to the comments. 🤔

✦ Is it because they don't have the time or resources?
✦ Or do they just not see the value?

I'm thinking the latter... 😕

This is a HUGE missed opportunity to connect with users on a deeper level.

Responding to a comment left by a user, whether it's positive or negative, or even sharing their #usergeneratedcontent, will not only make the user feel seen and valued, but it will also encourage them and others to do the same. It's a domino effect. 🀼

In addition, users are more likely to spread a good word about the brand. And we all know, word of mouth is the BEST form of marketing. People would rather be advised by their friends and family than the brand itself. Because... who's going to be less biased?

This will help transform one-time customers into loyal customers. And even advocates for the brand.

This is something that Starbucks does really well. It's no wonder they have such a committed fanbase.

Now, it's your turn. ⏭

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