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Featured on LinkedIn: Mapping out social media posts

How do you map out what you're going to post on #socialmedia every time? 🤔

For me, I'm a visual person. So, I do it in these few ways:

First, I like to look at the whole month and take notes. 📝

Are there any holidays or cultural moments I want to jump on? Do I have any events, conferences, or webinars I'm speaking at or attending? Is there a theme opportunity?

From there, I make sure to space out those themes or moments accordingly. 🗓

For example, I try not to talk about the same things in back-to-back posts. If I talked about the importance of building a personal brand on Monday, I won't talk about personal branding again on Wednesday. I'll probably talk about something else in between then, such as how to use video with brand marketing. This keeps the content feeling fresh and new!

Once I have the post ideas, I move on to execution. 👩‍🎨

This is where I design the graphics, take the photos, edit the videos, write the copy, research the hashtags, and schedule the posts on certain days/times.

Simple as that. 🙌

Oh, and I'll add that a more in-depth social media #strategy is helpful.

But, if you're just starting out and don't know what you're doing yet—don't get caught up in being perfect, especially when you don't have the data to prove your theories.

Just get started! ✅


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