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Featured on LinkedIn: Hacks to get/stay motivated

My job requires a lot of creative juice. And TBH, I've been struggling to motivate myself this week. 😫

We all go through ebbs and flows of motivation.

And no, I don't have any secret sauce for how to never deal with it ever again. (LOL, I wish!)

But, like my friend Melissa Weber always says, "you gotta hack yourself!" 🛠

And what I've learned about myself is that, when my creative juice is running dry, it's usually due to having too much work on my plate.

It's not a lack of passion. ❌

I freakin' LOVE the digital marketing industry. In fact, I'm secretly dying to talk about it in most conversations. Like, "please, please, please... ask me about that new Canva update." 😂

Yet, when many of us (me included) go through these ebbs, we're quick to jump to, "maybe I don't love this job like I thought I did," OR even worse, "maybe I'm not cut out for this career as a whole."

When, in reality, we're just overwhelmed. We're focusing on the tasks that drain us instead of lift us up. And we're isolating ourselves.

Swipe for my little motivation hacks. What would you add to the list? 👀


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