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Featured on LinkedIn: Contributors vs Lurkers on Social Media

Are you a #socialmedia Lurker or Contributor? 🧐

Speaking for myself, I'm definitely a #contributor. I know the power that can come with it. 

If you frequently #engage with other people and/or brands, they often reciprocate. I'm sounding like a true #marketer and #socialmediamanager

So, why do #lurkers lurk? 🤔

A number of reasons, including:

‣ They might be afraid of being made fun of by others in the #community

‣ They may feel that the members of the community are intimidating or exclusive. 

‣ They’re not sure that the person or brand truly understands them, based on the content that’s being published.

‣ They don’t want to be disappointed if/when they take the leap and engage with a brand/person.

So, what can we do as #creators to encourage lurkers to become contributors? Here are a few tips:

1. Always think about the end-user. Who is your #content made for? What do they want and care about? 

2. Serve your social media content on a beautiful platter. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does the content scream, "engage with me"?

3. Anytime a user engages with your content, RECIPROCATE! Respond to their comment. Craft a thoughtful comment on their content, too! 

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