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Featured on LinkedIn: Brand Recognition Tip

None of us want to see #ads.

We're at the point where it feels like we hardly even notice them, as we scroll through our #social feeds.

Except we DO notice them... subconsciously.

When it becomes time to #buy, you're probably going to Google #search in one of two ways:

1) Type in the product or service.

2) Type in that one #brand you remember.

I did the latter with HoneyBook for my #freelancing business.

I knew I needed a #CRM software but didn't know what would work best. I had heard of the brand HoneyBook, so it was automatically my first choice when googling options out there.

After navigating the site, learning about the features, and watching a few videos, I was #sold. It was a no-freakin-brainer!

Has this ever happened to you? 🤔

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