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Featured on LinkedIn: A note on Real Estate Marketing

Did anyone buy a house in 2021? 🙋‍♀️ I did!

I know what you're probably thinking... "WHAT! You're a crazy person! You must have overbid by at least $15k!"

Nope! In fact, we got the house for asking price with zero competition. 🤯

Why? Because hardly anyone showed up to the seller's open house. (We almost didn't either.)

This had nothing to do with the quality of the house. It's a beautiful home with a large backyard in a great neighborhood. Clearly a no-brainer.

However... the marketing for the house was 👎.

The photos online were a little blurry and poorly lit. They also didn't stage the house, which could have upped the home's value.

Plus, the sellers left out all of the important (and highly sought after) details, including:

↠ the Deck
↠ the Outdoor Firepit
↠ the Basement Walk-out
↠ the Sunroom
and more!

I bring this up because, if the #marketing was done even slightly better, we could have gotten outbid by another buyer, generating a much larger #profit for the sellers.

Thankfully, we were victorious! 🏡

When we think about this example in terms of #business, it's a great reminder to regularly ask ourselves:

✨ Am I marketing my #brand in the best light?
✨ What does my core #customer want?
✨ How will they search for my #product or #service?

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